Final Homework

The final homework assignment is posted here:

Final Homework

It is due on Tuesday in recitation.  I can also take it on Wednesday in class, but I will not return it to you before the final if I receive it on Wednesday.

Some of the questions are based on material from Chapter 10 of The Art of Proof that we will discuss in class on Monday.


Corrected mistake to induction homework

The assigned problem from Ch. 25 is exercise 25.7 (ii)  (not 25.7 (i) as originally posted).    Sorry for any confusion.  The complete induction homework assignment is

Exercises 24.10 (i), (ii), (iv), (ix) and 25.7 (ii)

due Thursday in recitation.

Induction Homework

The homework assignment for Ch. 24 and 25 is now posted:

Exercises 24.10 (i), (ii), (iv), (ix) and 25.7 (ii)

The homework may be turned in at recitation on Thursday.

Please note that there are many more problems in Chapter 24.  It is highly recommend that you work of many of these as you can.  However, only the above problems need to be turned in.

Homework due Monday June 3

If you did not get 6 out of 6 on problem 3 from the exam please redo it and turn in a properly written proof.

Here is the problem:

Let A, B and C be sets.  Prove that

A \cup (B\cap C) = (A \cup B) \cap (A\cup C)

Note that you must reason about arbitrary sets — you cannot prove this “by example”.  Likewise if you use a truth table then you need to explain why it is relevant and make sure it is a truth table for statements.  It makes no sense to say that A is true or false if A is a set.