Due date for HW 3 now Friday April 12

I was made aware of some typos in the homework.  To give you time to cope with the resulting changes, I have postponed the due date for HW 3 to Friday April 12.

I have now corrected the typos, please look at the updated version.  There were changes in problem 1,  and problem 3 parts 1 and 3.

Two Announcements

The MSU Math departments first undergraduate colloquium will take place at 4:10 PM Friday, April 5, 2013 in C304 Wells Hall.
The talk, entitled Recounting the Rationals, will be delivered by Neil J. Calkin from Clemson University. More details can be found here.

On Saturday, is our Tenth Annual Student Mathematics Conference meeting 9am to 5:15 pm in C304 Wells Hall — follow this link for a program. Come listen to what your fellow students have been working on.