Homework, quizzes, reading and sets

In tomorrows lecture we look the idea of a set and how to combine sets through unions, intersections and other operations.  Don’t forget to turn in your first assignment: Exercise 3.2(ii) (p. 33).

Recall that homework for the course is due at EVERY lecture. Your second assignment — Exercises 1.10 (p. 6), 1.33 (p. 11) and 1.34 (i-ii) (p. 12) — is due on Friday. 

To succeed in this (or any other) math course, you MUST do the homework and attend recitations to work on the practice material.  It is part of your grade, of course, but more importantly it is an indespensible step in the process of learning the subject.    If for some reason you must miss a lecture please, let me know beforehand and make arrangements to get the homework to me. To give you a little flexibility, I have decided to drop ONE quiz for each student in case you need to miss ONE recitation meeting for some reason.  Please let Alex and I know beforehand.  There are only twelve recitation meetings, not counting the two exams, so please do not miss more than one!  (Students missing more than one recitation will be dealt with on a case by case basis.)

Please note that the course schedule (which you may find at the above link) has reading assignments. Stay up to date with this!  In partcular, note that Chapter 2 was on your reading assignment for Monday although we will not discuss it in lecture or recitation.  Please read it, however! You will find the suggestions on how to read mathematics helpful.


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