Guidelines for Homework

In the previous post, I discussed the importance of mathematical writing. Here are some general guidelines that you should stick when writing up your homework in this course:

  1. Adhere to standard rules of grammar and punctuation.
  2. Be neat.  You do not need to type your homework.  But write neatly and clearly. Turn in the problems in the assigned order and one problem to a page.
  3. Figure out what you want to write before you write it. Write a rough draft or an outline and then write up the assignment.
  4. Break each proof into paragraphs each of which has a limited number of ideas (preferably just one idea, though that is not always possible).
  5. Do not start a sentence with a symbol.
  6. Define non-standard symbols before you use them.
  7. Use words to explain an idea or a computation if doing so is clearer or easier than using symbols.
  8. And remember equal means equal!



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